Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

BlackBerry 3D smartphone may be arrived in 2011

RIM is jump to 3D mobile bus just after the info that Apple, Sharp and HTC are working on 3D mobile phone. It is rumored that Blackberry 3D handset is in process so we will see a tri-dimensional display handset of RIM in future.

These rumors are circulating when the RIM purchase the Swedish company i.e. TAT The Astonishing Tribe. It is a known fact the TAT has the specialists who are producing the 3D user’s interfaces. This technology is in process to create the 3D enabled smartphones in near future.

It is quite easy to know the reason of RIM entrance in the 3D hall.  The 3D technology is quite appealing. The people like to play the 3D games and they also want a handset that provides support to such technology.  HTC also working on a 3D android phone as the company want to compete in this current situation. Apple 3D iPod andiPhone are very famous and desirable among the users just because of this single reason.

Now we have to see RIM will walk on 3D path or not. Would you like to buy a 3D enabled Blackberry phone? Don’t hesitate to share your comment with us.

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